Ati Miele Harrogate : 01423 623 110
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Ati Miele : 01423 623 110
Ati Kitchen House : 01943 602 469

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Oven Highlights


Gentle on frozen food: frozen food is gently defrosted under ideal conditions using cool air.

Gentle Bake

Particularly energy-efficient: Perfectly succulent roasts or excellent oven bakes depending on model.

Large Grill

Versatile: for grilling large quantities of steaks, sausages, kebabs, etc.

Fan Plus

Perfect results: ideal for gentle baking and roasting on up to three levels.

Intensive Bake

Crispy bases, delicious toppings: For pizza, quiche or flans, the base will be crispy, the topping will be moist.

Conventional heat

Multi-purpose, classic function: perfect results on all traditional baking and roasting dishes.

Bottom heat

Using bottom heat only: for cooking food in a bain marie or for browning from underneath.

Fan grill

Crispy outside, succulent inside: ideal for chicken, duck, pork knuckle, rolled meat and many other meat dishes.

Rapid heat-up

When you're in a rush: this programme heats the oven up extra quickly.

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Ati Miele, Clarendon House , Station Parade . Harrogate , HG1 1JD
Tel: 01423 623 110